Introducing the future of energy management

ZMF 100 series two – the functional and future proof residential meter
Landis+Gyr has released a second series of new generation modular residential meters, customised in functionality and future proof to protect a utility’s investment. “Series two of the ZMF 100 allows for easy installation and exchange of upgraded communication modules. It also works against meter manipulation and is multi energy ready. This meter offers maximum flexibility for future market requirements, therefore, protecting a utility’s investment” said Mirko Windisch, Product Manager, Landis+Gyr. “We have increased the meters’ range of measurement and it now offers the complete range of basic measurement functions including reactive measurement, giving the customer freedom of choice in measurement values.”

The SyM² concept – optimising the total cost of ownership
“SyM² is the new open standard which assures that the technical construction of I&C meter point’s guarantees compatibility between modules of different manufacturers,” said Andreas Thuerig, Product Manager, Landis+Gyr. “The entire platform of a SyM2 meter point is based on individual modules. Therefore, the cost of a meter point can be optimised according to its individual use.”

Every second, a SyM² meter distributes a set of signed data, as proof of authenticity, via the local ‘SyM² bus’ which is Ethernet based. Any of the connected plug and play modules can receive and utilise this data. “The meter is based on a seconds index rather than a calendar; therefore, the registering period is synchronized to the full hour and data is measured in real time. This gives a utility maximum flexibility in the central station for system management and tariff calculations,” added Andreas. “Other innovations in the SyM² standard include data-push, save firmware-upgrade to WELMEC standard and spring loaded connection terminals.”

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