Landis+Gyr Announces Commercial Availability of the MAXsys Elite Precision Electric Meter with Advanced Power Quality Features

The MAXsys Elite precision meter evolved from Landis+Gyr’s Quad 4 meter, originally released in 1991 as the industry’s first true 4-quad electronic revenue meter, offering time-proven software and a V25 processor. Through continued development, Landis+Gyr’s precision meter platform began offering direct revenue accuracy measurement, including calculation of 3-phase values. Now with the availability of the MAXsys Elite, the capabilities of the meter are more innovative, and include flexible communications solutions, providing faster communication ports, and advanced power quality features, appealing to an even larger market.

“The MAXsys Elite short switchboard style meter leverages all the advanced features included with the socket base style meter, but is packaged in the familiar FT-21 flush mount case. This makes it as convenient as possible to retrofit existing panel mount applications with the latest technology,” said John McAhren, Product Manager of Precision Meters, Landis+Gyr. “The MAXsys Elite short switchboard meter provides the flexibility for more power quality services to energy consumers, faster communications, and software configurable options for upgrades in the field.”

The MAXsys Elite is distinguishable by the following product features that set it apart in the marketplace:

• Softkey bullets allow remote functionality upgrades to meters deployed in the field
• More communication ports with faster speeds, including Ethernet under glass
• On-board SCADA protocols (assign to any comm. port)
• Waveform capture, individual harmonics, three levels of sags and swells
• The largest graphical display available with menu system for easy access to meter information
• Communications troubleshooting screens for easy installation

In addition to the MAXsys meter platform, Landis+Gyr offers several metering options and solutions to fit your residential, commercial and industrial, and precision metering needs, many with integrated advanced metering modules. The MAXsys platform and other products will be on display in the Landis+Gyr booth (#2028) at the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, Feb. 3-5.

About Landis+Gyr
Landis+Gyr is the leading provider of integrated energy management solutions tailored to energy company needs. With a global presence and a reputation for quality and innovation, Landis+Gyr is unique in its ability to deliver true end-to-end advanced metering solutions. Today, the Company offers the broadest portfolio of products and services in the electricity metering industry, and is paving the way for the next generation of smart grid. With annualized sales of more than $1.25 billion, Landis+Gyr operates in over30 countries across five continents, and employs over 5,000 people with the sole mission of helping the world manage energy better.

Jilian Gilpatrick
Marketing Communications