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Landis+Gyr G370

The G370 series is a modular solution that satisfies the UK Smart metering requirements. The G370 module can be quickly retrofitted to existing L+G meters to upgrade economically with Smart capabilities. The G370 provides for Credit mode, Prepayment mode, AMI…

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Landis+Gyr Libra 100

The Libra 110 module provides a simple method of gas pre-payment functionality using a secure Memory Card with secure encryption. The Libra110 meter accepts credit purchases in cu. m of gas. Thus the gas supplier only has to adjust the…

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Landis+Gyr G350

The L350 series provides advance metering information that can enable the analysis of energy usage patterns, provide control of the installation and is designed to satisfy the requirements of the NTA.

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Landis+Gyr Libra 200

The Libra 210 module provides advance pre-payment functionality through a secure Smart card system.

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Landis+Gyr Libra 310

The L310 Smart gas meter provides advanced functionality such as a remote shut off valve, accounting functionality and load profiling.

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