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Landis+Gyr MAR1/MAR3 (France only)

La gamme MAR est commercialisée par Landis+Gyr France sur les Territoires d’Outre-mer et les pays d’Afrique francophone qui ont « basculé » du comptage électromécanique au comptage électronique.

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Landis+Gyr DC450

The ultimate solution for efficient metering data collection and control The Landis+Gyr DC450 is a new generation intelligent data concentrator for large scale meter reading and controlling applications. The DC450 supports a wide variety of communication interfaces between local meter…

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Landis+Gyr E470

SSWG compliant with future proof – field upgradeable via Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades Supports Credit and Prepayment accounting modes In built 100A contact and relay output connections Load Limiting capabilities Voltage quality measurements for network operators Open and interoperable – DLMS…

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Landis+Gyr E450

The E450 meter from Landis+Gyr is one of the most popular residential meters in the market. It is a core component of Landis+Gyr’s end-to-end AMI solution. The E450 is an highly flexible advanced electricity meter, a multi-energy data collector, a…

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Landis+Gyr E350

Our new generation of modular residential meters are both customised in functionality and futre-proof to protect your investment. Additionally, they are optimised for life-cycle performance in the residential sector.

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