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Info Finder – the heat meter app

That is the motto of the Landis+Gyr app for heat meters or cooling meters. Wherever you are, or whatever you want to be informed about, Info Finder always provides your required information. The free app is available for every end…

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Advanced Grid Analytics

Landis+Gyr's portfolio of Advanced Grid Analytics applications is designed to help solve power quality, reliability, revenue protection and other operational challenges by harnessing available distribution data. This proven solution applies meter and distribution network data — using physics-based algorithms — to system…

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WZU-485 Configuration Tool

This Tool is used to configure the WZU-485E communication modules for Modbus and BACnet. It is easy to handle and allows: Setting of communication protocol Setting of the transfer rate Setting of Modbus parity Access data are required for free download, which…

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Meter Utility Software

Below you will find all documents available for download. Please note that some documents require a password. If you require access rights, please contact your local sales office. version download Automatic setup (*.exe)

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SyM2 Configuration Tool

With our SyM2-Configuration-Tool it is possible to parameterize the E75C communication module and to set- and read specific parameters of other E750 modules. The functionality set is chosen to support the installation of the E750 including all modules. Below you…

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UltraAssist Software

UltraAssist is a parameterization-, service- und read out software for the heat-, cooling- and flowmeters 2WR5, T150, T230, T330, T350 and T550. Below you will find all documents available for download. Please note that the required password for UltraAssist has…

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MAP Software

MAP is a parameterization tool (MAP120) and a service tool (MAP 110) for our meters and corresponding communication modules. With the MAP Tools L+G has created a easy to use, but very powerful tool, giving our customer the total control…

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Landis+Gyr HES

Landis+Gyr HES is an interoperable Head End System that provides a communication and data collection layer between the smart meter infrastructure and the utility

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Landis+Gyr Dual Fuel Solutions

The UK energy Industry is currently experiencing many issues including misdirected payments, inaccurate billing, meter tampers, incorrect or less flexible tariffs, difficulty in reconciling final bills and performing change of tenancy. To alleviate the industry of some of these issues…

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Landis+Gyr AIM

Landis+Gyr AIM is the most advanced metering management (AMM) solution in the market. It is much more than traditional AMR systems. Landis+Gyr AIM is designed for the ever-changing energy market to help energy companies collect and manage their metering data…

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