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Electricity Meters

Cashpower Three Phase (PLC)

The Cashpower Three Phase PLC meter is a four-wire 100 Amp per phase, keypad-based prepayment meter in a compact BS housing. The meter is suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial environments. Read more

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  • Maximum current of 100A per phase
  • Compact meter design with British Standard layout
  • Power Line Carrier communication between meter and the customer interface unit
  • Quick and easy to install, making use of existing household wiring which is ideal when additional communication wiring is inconvenient
  • Proven Cashpower keypad technology
  • Meter provides valuable information to help consumers effectively manage and budget their electricity consumption
  • Tamper detection
  • Programmable software power limit
  • Significant Reverse Energy Detection
  • Advanced commissioning feature
  • Prepayment / Credit Mode
  • STS compliant
  • SABS 1524-1 and IEC 62055-31 certified
  • Large display with language independent icons


  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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