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Communication Units

Landis+Gyr E35C

The E35C communication module has been designed to meet the latest smart metering requirements, building on the flexibility of Landis+Gyr’s E350 meters and modules. The E35C supports a multi-energy AMI solution and can be connected to up to four gas,… Read more

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  • Supported by Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream solution
  • Runs on communication technologies such as cellular 2G/3G, PLC (Power Line Carrier) and Ethernet
  • Connects to up to four multi-energy devices via M-Bus
  • Enables personal energy management through a standardized interface
  • Features advanced time-of-use tariffication and load profiles
  • Firmware updated during operation via DLMS protocol over any external communication channel
  • Disconnect capabilities to connect or disconnect the electricity network of the consumers at their premises
  • Fraud detection via an anti-tampering kit against strong magnetic fields and terminal cover removal.
  • Ability to monitor power quality
  • Supports a future orientated smart metering system including meters, concentrators, remote data acquisition and data evaluation in the central station
  • E35C variants with 2G/3G communication, Ethernet and PLC
  • E35C tariff control Module for standalone operation of the E350 meter enabling tariff switching (NT/HT)
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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