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Heating & Cooling Meters

Module for T550 based on LoRa® radio technology

Your immediate access to the Internet of Things (IoT), with the compact plug-in radio solution for automatic remote meter reading, system monitoring and consumption-based billing. Read more

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The integrated radio module for thermal energy meters enables wireless communication and instant access to the Internet of Things.
The technology is backwards compatible and thus fully functional with heat or cooling meters already installed in the field.
LoRa® technology meets the demand for cost-effective, battery-powered devices that can deliver data over long ranges.

For security and privacy purposes, end-to-end encryption is provided.
The open standard also ensures compatibility with networks worldwide.

Your benefits:

  • Immediate access to "District heating networks 4.0"
  • Automated data transfer
  • Improved workflows
  • Time and cost savings
  • Avoid reading errors
  • Improvement of data quality and quantity


simplified LoRaWAN architecture

  • Suitable for T550 (UH50…) and T550 (UC50…)
  • Effortless “one-touch” configuration or inspection
  • Retrofit of field meters, as backwards compatible
  • Energy saving – suitable for D-cell powered meters
  • Easy configuration with free app
  • Open standard – interoperable
  • Long Range data transfer – Up to 10 km in the open field
  • High network stability and data security
  • Network automation and management
  • Improved error analysis
  • Optimized fault management

You have the choice between two
types of the LoRa module:

1. with internal antenna

2.  with external antenna

(swivel antenna with magnetic foot or wall mount antenna)

  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa