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Pathway 08 – Smart Grid as a Service: Transforming the Utility Business Model

More and more utilities are moving to service-based delivery models to help make their business processes more flexible, reduce technology risks, and minimize costs. Smart Grid as a Service (SGaaS) typically includes cloud services, smart grid operations and related consulting…

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Pathway 07 – Digitization: Building an Intelligent Grid Blueprint

The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Factoring, Intelligent Networks – the future has many names and at least as many facets, but only one root: Digitization.

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Pathway 06 – An Electrifying Future: What the Internet of Things Holds in Store for Utilities

Many energy companies are in the process of shifting their strategic focus towards the implementation of Internet of Things technologies. In the sixth issue of “pathway”, we’ve tried to unveil the story behind the IoT phenomenon and what it means…

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Pathway 05 – Open Standards and Interoperability: Creating a New Picture of the Industry

The smart revolution in energy management is one of the largest in the history of the world. And all players of the energy industry have to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy a high standard of living in…

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Pathway 04 – Smart Metering: The Stepping Stone to a Smart Grid

The future of the energy industry can be seen from many different angles: for this issue of pathway, we decided to look through the lenses of British photo‑journalist Toby Smith.

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Pathway 03 – Keeping the Balance: From Demand Response to Energy Efficiency

As financial and political challenges of building new generation power plants can lead to supply constraints, many utilities are taking a new look at Demand Side Management (DSM) as a tool to manage consumption and demand of smaller commercial and…

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