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Battery Energy Storage System to Helen in Finland

Helen Ltd, a major energy utility in Finland, is heading a research project that will explore innovations in using and controlling energy storage as part of the smart grid initiative. The energy storage technology chosen for the project will be…

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SMART Metering Rollout in the Heart of Europe

Landis+Gyr was the supplier of choice for a country-wide rollout in the principality of Liechtenstein. Landis+Gyr delivered a comprehensive smart metering solution covering the entire European principality of Liechtenstein. The publicly owned utility Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke (LKW), the sole supplier of…

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S650 SMART Grid Terminal Provides a Unique Solution for Street Lighting and SMART Grid Development

Landis+Gyr and Stedin have realized the project by working closely together and reviewing the process thoroughly after each phase.

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Key Solution of the Gridstream Converge for SEDAS Turkey

Landis+Gyr initiated cooperation with the utility SEDAS in Turkey.

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Joint pioneer project resulted in more effective processes and satisfied customers

As a result of E.ON and Landis+Gyr cooperation, the electricity consumption data of about 60,000 customers is measured in real time. Smart metering has improved the efficiency of the company’s processes; the amount of work required for meter reading and…

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Building up the largest ICG meter data management system in Europe

The cooperation between…

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Turning Consumers on to Energy Management: How one Texas electric cooperative is making it happen

“We really feel that’s what being a cooperative is all about,” said Cameron Smallwood, Vice President of Cooperative Planning at UCS, “helping our members to use less energy and save money.” But in order to educate and engage consumers, UCS…

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Prepay Payoffs: Thanks to easy AMI integration, utilities are seeing big benefits from prepayment programs

Among electric utilities, cash flow is an increasingly common problem. Energy consumers are struggling to cover their service deposits and keep up with their monthly bills, and as a result, utilities are facing more and more bad debt. It’s a…

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Unprecedented flexibility and efficiency at E.ON Hungária

When E.ON Hungária Zrt. decided to renew the data acquisition systems…

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Sustainable “green” meters for micro-generation

Proximity to customers, skill, capabilities, and creative response…

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