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Landis+Gyr’s load management technologies can help you dynamically manage your grid. Implement our direct load control strategies to offer programs to remotely manage consumers’ HVAC systems, heat pumps, water heaters, and other high-usage appliances during periods of peak demand, balancing out resources to prevent outages or high fees for additional energy purchases.

Using two-way communications systems, Landis+Gyr’s technologies can automate many of your grid management processes. They can even determine – based on priority – in what order to shut off appliances or turn them back on. Alternatively, you can also give your consumers the power to manage their own energy consumption with a smart thermostat.

3rd Generation Load Management

Landis+Gyr L740

L740 is Landis+Gyr’s unique offering for small and large utilities and network operators with ripple control systems, looking for a low risk, cost efficient migration path to the smart grid.

3rd Generation Load Management


Parameterization Software RPT01 The proven and customer-friendly parameterization software RPT01 is used to parameterize the L740 Load Switch Devices as well as the traditional ripple control receivers from Landis+Gyr. RPT01mobile Field Programming Software for PDA's RPT01mobile is a software application…

Flow Measurement

ULTRAHEAT qp 150 T150

Particularly for the sophisticated applications in the industry, large residential buildings or heating plants, the ULTRAHEAT®-family was extended by the nominal flow size of qp 150.

3rd Generation Load Management

Load Manager FPS-LM

FPS LM manages and controls loads distributed within the grid. The flexible communication platform Dynamics3G supports traditional ripple control protocols and also offers the two-way power line technology PLAN DLMS interface. Dynamics3G enables fast real-time broadcast commands, flexible device parameterization…

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Landis+Gyr’s direct load control solutions can be used for residential, light commercial, and agricultural demand response programs. To find out how we can help you meet your company’s goals, contact us today.

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