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Landis+Gyr’s advanced technologies identify current issues, predict future problems, and provide proactive strategies for improving your grid. Our software collects your grid data and uses physics-based algorithms to turn it into actionable insights, in turn helping you optimize operations, extend the life of your assets, and plan for new investments.

Our utility analytics software offers a large number of applications, including a voltage visualization system, a revenue protection app, and a reliability planner, among others. And when it comes to installing the software, you can use your own server or opt for Landis+Gyr’s cloud hosting service – just one of countless ways we make our system work for you.

Modular, Flexible and Scalable Applications for the Utility Enterprise

Landis+Gyr’s portfolio of Advanced Grid Analytics applications is designed to help solve power quality, reliability, revenue protection and other operational challenges by harnessing available distribution data. This proven solution applies meter and distribution network data — using physics-based algorithms — to system models so information can be visualized to quickly detect and locate trouble spots or plan for upgrades. Advanced Grid Analytics delivers actionable insights from a modular solution for the utility enterprise.

Transform smart grid data into actionable insights that help improve reliability, power quality, cost, safety and support distributed energy resource integration.

Advanced Grid Analytics help utilities:

  • Optimize life and value of grid assets
  • Improve reliability: SAIFI, SAIDI, CAIDI
  • Maximize capital improvement benefits
  • Manage renewables integration
  • Reduce outages
  • Optimize placement and grid technology investments
  • Reduce technical and non-technical losses
  • Provides sandbox for “what-if” analysis based on model manipulation
Meter Analytics

Meter Analytics

Visualize data coming from your AMI meters to identify customer issues and to reduce nontechnical losses.

· Using historical and real-time metering data for many operational uses through visualization and pattern analysis

· AMI, GPS coordinates

· Includes Capacity Contribution, Voltage Visualization, and Revenue Protection modules

Learn more about Metering Analytics

Op Analytics

Operational Analytics

Intelligently plan your traditional and grid modernization investments through predictive and descriptive analytics. Use Advanced Grid Analytics to continuously predict and react to grid conditions for power quality improvement.

· Using data from multiple systems combined with physics-based modeling to provide insight into a wide variety of grid modernization scenarios


· Includes Network Model Validator, Asset Loading, Capacity Contribution, Voltage Visualization, DER Optimizer, and Enhanced Outage modules

Learn more about Operational Analytics


Reliability Analytics

Use Advanced Grid Analytics to intelligently plan reliability improvement projects for maximum SAIDI/SAIFI impact.

· Using historical performance data to optimize improvement in reliability matrices based on budget dollars available


· Includes Network Model Validator and Reliability Planner​ modules

Learn more about Reliability Analytics

Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics (AGA) solution enables the utility’s network operations, planning, asset management and customer service organizations to ensure safe and efficient grid management. By leveraging data from grid edge devices such as meters, sensors and other utility enterprise systems,

By utilizing the power of data, the distribution network model and advanced physics-based algorithms, utilities can now have accurate, dynamic monitoring and actionable intelligence for improving grid reliability, safety and network performance while reducing costs, meeting regulatory compliance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Modular and user-friendly, AGA features web-based, geospatial and system-wide visualization of the distribution grid. AGA’s powerful algorithms have been proven in real-world deployments over the past decade.

Each AGA application can be deployed individually or as part of an enterprise solution. AGA provides the flexibility to deploy the solution in multiple ways − deployment within the utility’s own infrastructure, deployment in the cloud or by delivery as a service offering. Utilities of any size can harness the power of AGA and realize rapid benefits. AGA applications integrate into a single user-friendly interface to help utilities quickly achieve maximum benefits.

The grid analytics solution consists of a powerful enterprise platform and modular, web-based, user friendly applications. The platform enables utilities to leverage data integration, visualization and advanced algorithms for multiple analyses and benefits. Given the modular nature of the applications, as needs change or grow, the same platform and data can be utilized, leveraging economies of scale and eliminating data silos and the need to manage multiple vendor systems.

AGA helps utilities improve

Power Quality and Reliability

Power Quality & Reliability

Revenue Operations


Quality Experts


Energy Resources

Distributed Energy Resources Integration

Key platform components include:

Dynamic Connectivity

Dynamic Connectivity Model

Web-based, geospatial visualization of the electric distribution network and assets that provides a single view of data and analysis for all users by role. Capable for dynamic updates and automated integration to GIS systems and planning modeling tools, e.g., CYMDIST, Synergi™ and other MultiSpeak® compliant system models.

Analytics Engine

Analytics Engine and Algorithms Library

Unique and patented engine powering the grid analytics application suite. It uses nonlinear optimization technology, developed and enhanced over 13 years, and leverages the dynamic connectivity model to provide advanced analysis.

The library of algorithms include: Powerflow, Loss Minimization, DER Optimization, Switching Optimization, Revenue Protection, Voltage Management, DA Placement, EV infrastructure, Reliability Optimization and Outage Detection.

Intergration layer

Integration Layer

Pre-developed set of standards-compliant adapters for off-the-shelf integration with utility data sources such as AMI, MDM, OMS, GIS, DMS, SCADA, CIS and Sensor head-end systems, thus minimizing the need for extensive interface development. It uses standards such as CIM, Multispeak, JMS, SOAP, DNP3 as well as other API’s.

NoSQL Database

NoSQL Database

Scalable storage of structured and unstructured data with extremely fast processing and retrieval of data imported from multiple sources.

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Advanced Grid Analytics

Landis+Gyr's portfolio of Advanced Grid Analytics applications is designed to help solve power quality, reliability, revenue protection and other operational challenges by harnessing available distribution data. This proven solution applies meter and distribution network data — using physics-based algorithms — to system…

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