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Extending the life of new and existing assets is an increasing concern for utilities in today’s rapidly-changing industry. With budget pressures from declining or flattening load growth and reduced revenues due to energy efficiency and increased use of renewables, utilities must keep maintenance costs low and be more economical with capital and O&M expenditures. At the same time, utilities are under greater regulatory scrutiny and faced with rising customer expectations. To tackle these evolving industry drivers, utilities need a solid infrastructure built to anticipate and address changes.

Landis+Gyr offers a comprehensive array of smart grid solutions tailored to execute asset management strategies. From load management and DER integration to advanced sensors and analytics, we build upon your existing infrastructure to modernize your grid and ensure cost-effective operations for the many years ahead.

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We are ready to solve your biggest challenges. The solutions below can act together to resolve asset management challenges. Take a deeper look into each solution and see how Landis+Gyr’s broad utility-focused portfolio will address your needs.



Increase reliability and reduce operating costs with Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform. Using data from the AMI and distribution sensors that you already own, our full suite of applications will seamlessly integrate into your existing system to generate an extremely accurate model of your distribution network and deliver unprecedented planning capabilities and real-time optimization.

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DA and Sensors

DA and Sensors

Let Landis+Gyr help you build a more modern grid. Designed for seamless integration into your existing network, our distribution automation (DA) system and sensors send information to your central control station and remotely respond to changes in demand.

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Multi-Commodity AMI

Multi-commodity AMI

Improving utility operations and service starts with the digital sensing and two-way communications provided by Landis+Gyr’s smart metering technology. By delivering real-time data and advanced metrics, smart meters provide crucial insights that enable utilities to transform customer service, lower operating costs, and make more informed asset investment decisions.

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Meter Data Management

The Landis+Gyr Meter Data Management System (MDMS) provides straight-forward integration between a utility’s multiple AMI systems and its CIS and/or Asset Management systems to provide an extremely accurate installation status of the deployed endpoints.

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