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The world is changing, are you prepared?

Energy, Mobility, Water. Vital to our lives, critical for our economies. Yet with soaring prices, aging infrastructure and a looming recession, we face more than an energy crises and setbacks in the pursuit of the Paris accords and UN SDGs.  But what if we could build a future where energy independence and climate action could go hand in hand? Where consumers have greater control over their utility bills, governments are better equipped for energy security and grid operators can better prevent outages, leakages, and disruptions?

This year we invite you to take control and shape the future. That is why we are partnering with Clarion energy to bring you ENLIT Europe 2022 – the definitive conference for energy and utility sector professionals.

Join us in Frankfurt along with 500 speakers, 1000 exhibitors and 18,000 attendees for three days of sharing, learning and networking. From pathways for progress to platforms for success we're here to support you in the next phase of your transition – on the grid, at the edge.

Why attend ? Things to do at ENLIT Europe 2022

Network and learn

Formerly known as European Utility week, ENLIT Europe brings over 500 speakers,1000 exhibitors and 18,000 attendees in the Energy and Utility space under one roof across three days of sharing, learning and networking. Attend the free Hub Sessions categorized under Digitalization Decentralization, Decarbonization and Democratization or the Summit sessions Evolve, Inspire or Connect studio. This year we are proud to be host two Hub sessions and our CEO will be interviewed at the Summit.

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What does it take to safely deliver energy and water whenever and wherever we need it, to prevent outages and leakages and stay resilient when disaster strikes, to integrate renewable energy and electric vehicles, to consume and conserve safely and responsibly.
We've organized our booth to help you navigate these challenges and take the pathways relevant to you.. See you at Stand: 12.1 Booth D40,

What we're exhibiting

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When starting out on projects in smart metering, edge intelligence or smart infrastructure, you embark on a joint, collaborative enterprise. As trusted partners to over 3500 utilities worldwide with an installed base of over 320 million devices and the worlds largest IoT utility network, we have supported first-time rollouts, second wave implementations and smart city projects offering custom, right-sized solutions ,services and turnkey project management. Book an appointment with one of our experts for a more in-depth discussion about your upcoming projects and how best we can help.

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Summit and Hub sessions: Meet our Speakers !

Pathways for people and planet

Summit : Interview
November 29, Afternoon Session
Connect Studio (Hall 11.1)

As energy bills and climate change spotlight our dependence on fossil fuels, the security, resilience, and reliability of our utility lifelines is becoming paramount.
What role do grid operators play in achieving this and how can they equip themselves to better help consumers, communities and governments achieve energy and water security?

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How to ensure Grid Resilience in the new Energy Era

Grid Edge tehnologies : Utilities at work
November 30, 11:15 - 11:30 PM
Digitalisation Hub 4 (Hall 12.0)

Electrification of the transport and heating sectors, integration of decentralized energy resources into low voltage networks, regulatory push for cost efficient grid operations, uncertainty about energy reserves and prices - Challenges of the new energy era. How can grid edge intelligence help DSOs achieve the visibility and control they need to fulfill regulatory obligations and provide resilient grid infrastructure today and tomorrow?

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EV disruption for more efficient, safer, and cleaner grid

Decentralization| EV for the Grid
November 30, 15:30 - 15:45 PM
Decentralisation Hub 1 (Hall 12.0)

With the explosion of charging stations in cities across Europe, how can we ensure that electric vehicles are charged in a safe, controlled and sustainable manner that doesn't disrupt grid operations. How do we build a smart vehicle to grid (V2G) system where smart charging stations allow charge point operators to remotely monitor and control the status of their assets and the charging processes of their clients.

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Shape the future

No matter where you are in your transformational journey, we are here to help you adapt and lead the change. Whether it’s for protecting the grid, integrating e-mobility, or managing energy and resources better, we support you with pathwaysplatforms and people to achieve your goals.

Pathways for progress

This year, we've organized our booth to help you navigate key challenges in your transition and take the pathways relevant to you. This includes safely and reliably delivering energy and water; preventing outages and leakages; integrating renewables and electric vehicles and building resilience against cyber attacks, natural disasters and aging infrastructures.

What pathways can I take?

Platforms for success

Whether its for energy and utility management or electric vehicle charge point management, platforms that deliver actionable insights can open up a whole new range of opportunities for deeper gridedge intelligence, datadriven usecases and increased connectivity. But that's just the beginning.

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Customer Champions

Powered by People

When starting out on projects in smart metering, edge intelligence or smart infrastructure, you embark on a journey - one of joint enterprise and team effort. As trusted partners to over 3500 utilities worldwide with an installed base of over 320 million devices and the worlds largest IoT utility network we understand rollouts. have supported first-time rollouts to second wave implementations and more offering solutions ,services and turnkey project management.

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Pathways for progress


Protect the grid

In addition to aging infrastructure, natural disasters and erratic loads from renewables, EV charging and prosumerism, OT/IT convergence on grid technologies has expanded the threat surfaces across the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This calls for extensive grid monitoring and an end-to-end approach towards grid resilience and AMI security. From addressing fluctuations, disruptions and outages to detecting and preventing cyber threats or operational anomalies, protecting the grid does not stop at hardware, communications, software and cloud levels but also in manufacturing processes.

Multi-Commodity AMI

Manage Energy better

With erratic loads on the electricity grid, adoption of district heating or the looming gas shortage, grid operators will need accurate, actionable insights on consumption, billing and quality of supply in order to manage energy better. Learn how you can build a flexible, scalable and interoperable Utility IoT platform of intelligent endpoints, secure communications and cloud applications to ensure safe, reliable delivery of energy, better integration of renewables and EV charging and actionable insights for consumers to manage their consumption.

Integrate e-mobility

Erratic grid loads, mismanaged charging points and un-optimized time of use. The explosion of electric vehicles has brought new challenges for grid operators, charge point operators and EV drivers alike. Learn how you can build an ecosystem for lasting e-Mobility through interactive AI driven charging solutions for homes, offices or public charging, and a robust platform for charge point management.


Simplify water management

Whether it's for generating consumption and billing details, eliminating non-revenue water or ensuring safe and reliable delivery of water, timely and actionable insights from the water grid are vital to our water security. Learn how automated water readings at IoT era connectivity can eliminate the need for manual or driveby readings, generate timely alerts to detect leaks, stagnation and fraud, improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of water supply and empower consumers to take control of their consumption.

Platforms for success


Gridstream Connect is an open, secure and scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to unlock added value and maximize efficiencies from advanced metering infrastructures (AMI) by bringing together intelligent endpoints, communications, software and applications. As a comprehensive connectivity platform for utilities of all sizes, it extends beyond AMI into new, data-driven use cases providing utilities with a basis for a multitude of new services and business models.

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OCEAN is a scalable EV charge point & energy management software that offers remote monitoring and control of your charging network, provides a seamless charging experience to your EV drivers, and performs advance load management tasks to support demand response and load flexibility services.

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AMI Security for the IoT era

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens gate for opportunities in the energy sector. But the convergence of IT and OT technologies has expanded the threat surfaces of the modern AMI. A comprehensive security architecture with built-in security from planning though to implementation and operation is essential. Learn how a holistic, integrated approach based on tested industry standards, trusted ICT and end devices – and partnership between technology vendors, DSOs and regulators in defining security policies and procedures, can help.

Cybersecurity in the Utility 4.0 era

Powered by People

Managed Services explained in two minutes

To manage your smart infrastructure efficiently, we offer modular, cost-efficient and flexible service solutions for AMI and Smart Grids. So that our utility customers have more time to focus on business priorities.


How Do Utilities Benefit from AMI Managed Services?

In a series of white papers based on extensive research, we will be taking a closer look at the benefits utility customers receive from Managed Services and evaluating the key criteria for services vendor selection.


Customer Case: Metering as a Service in Finland

Learn how Finland's largest DSO, Caruna manages its 687,000 metering points generating 17 million metering values daily including hourly consumption and power quality readings using Landis+Gyr’s Metering as a Service-solution.


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Media Booth Tour Nov 29

Meet our CEO and attend our media booth tour at 1 pm on November 29. We are excited to introduce you to our new solutions aimed at protecting the grid, simplifying water management, integrating e-mobility and managing energy better.

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