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Experience what's next.

What's next always is in front of you. And you want to be prepared to make the right decision for your business. On the next roll-out and the next new technology. On the next step you might want to take in running your processes, on the next hot topic in our industry.

At this year's European Utility Week, we invite you to experience what's next. In four key steps we make a complex journey simple: From getting started with digitizing your grid and planning an AMI project, to choosing the right technology for building an IoT environment to matching services offerings and data utilization.

We think "managing energy better" has never been more important and we are looking forward to achieving this together. Join us at our booth to find out what it takes.

European Utility Week 2019
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

November 12 to 14, 2019
Booth C80

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If you would like to know more straight away, have a look at the area below where we have provided dedicated content on each of the four steps:

Understand what you need and what to look out for

Benefit from our long track record and global footprint to solve your business challenges. Before you are embarking on your next venture and you are looking for an experienced partner, our lessons learned and best practice examples from large programs and small and mid-size projects from first and second wave rollout countries and across the world might be interesting to you.

Decide on the right technology

Our end-to-end IoT platform Gridstream Connect offers flexible solutions according to your needs: Future-proof devices mark the basis for everything you plan next. Secure, reliable and flexible communication solutions and expert advise on different communication options ensure you stay connected. An open software platform for IoT functionality and application enablement.

Run and enhance an efficient smart infrastructure

The technological set-up is one success factor. Efficiently managing smart infrastructures another. The digital transformation of our industry needs a whole new level of attention and skills. Managed Services frees utilities from having to worry about IT investments, software management, AMI or field operations so that they can keep their focus on the new opportunities this provides.

Leverage and utilize data

Smart devices collect data. But then what? In this fourth step it is all about learning how to create additional value from data. No matter if you'd like to optimize your asset management, ensure power quality or network reliability. We are looking at extended use cases from AMI that create more transparency, control and efficiency for DSOs and more ways to engage with end-consumers.

Step 1: Understand what you need and what to look out for

Find out more about this topic on our blog:

There is no one size fits all

Learnings from smart meter rollout projects across Europe: Determining the right kind of a smart metering solution is a crucial strategic decision for a utility in the initial stage of a smart meter project planning. The number of available devices, software and communication technologies as well as potential partners is huge, as is the spectrum between the two extremes – namely the component and the turn-key solution.


Top Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Smart Meter Rollout

Smart meter rollouts are unique projects that present utilities with a different set of challenges and complexities, compared with day-to-day operations. One that is well-planned and well-executed can save on time, cost and resources.


Major Contract with E.ON in Sweden

Our Gridstream® Connect solution is delivered for one million metering points to E.ON in Sweden. With the contract, E.ON transitions to second generation smart metering technology for excelling customer service and grid efficiency.


The Linky project in France: tailor-made production is a key success factor

The French smart meter is called Linky. It is being rolled out by the country’s largest grid operator Enedis, who manages 95% of continental France’s operation, maintenance and development of the public electricity distribution network. And we have been a trusted partner for this project since it first began in 2007.


Smart meter rollout in Austria: on the final mile

Almost four years ago, Austrian utility Netz Burgenland Strom has commissioned us to supply and deploy smart electricity meters – as one of the country’s first distribution system operators to commit to a full-scale G3 PLC smart metering solution rollout.


Step 2: Choose the right technology

Find out more about this topic on our blog:

E360: Thoroughly Thought-Out Security

Increasing amounts of data, interconnected utility infrastructures, regulation and a general awareness of security and privacy issues raise the pressure also on smart metering security. E360 is our response to the most stringent security requirements.

Learn more

E360 Introduces a Revised Approach to AMI Communications

Communication technology is a key consideration when choosing a smart metering solution. What are the pros and cons of RF-mesh, PLC or Point-to-Point technologies in our case? Should we go for integrated or modular technology in the meter?

Learn more

E570: Our New Smart Commercial Electricity Meter Explained in Two Minutes

The new E570 is designed for high-consumption residential and commercial use in low and medium voltage applications. And our answer to the new requirements for smart metering and communications.

Learn more

CU-L52: Stay Connected in a Changing World

The world of telecommunication is changing rapidly – and the energy industry is very much affected by it. A significant part of the installed base of industrial electricity meters relies on connectivity services provided by telecommunication providers. And when these.


Efficiency to AMI with NB-IoT and SaaS: Learning from the Smart Metering Pioneers

Landis+Gyr will deliver an end-to-end smart metering solution to Olofström Kraft in Sweden. The second-generation technology utilizes NB-IoT for communication and is provided with our Software as a Service (SaaS) model.


Step 3: Run and enhance an efficient​ smart infrastructure

Find out more about this topic on our blog:

Managed Services explained in two minutes

To manage your smart infrastructure efficiently, we offer modular, cost-efficient and flexible service solutions for AMI and Smart Grids. So that our utility customers have more time to focus on business priorities.


How Do Utilities Benefit from AMI Managed Services?

In a series of white papers based on extensive research, we will be taking a closer look at the benefits utility customers receive from Managed Services and evaluating the key criteria for services vendor selection.


Customer Case: Metering as a Service in Finland

Here is an example of a comprehensive “Metering as a Service” solution for Finland’s largest distribution system operator, Caruna Oy. We are collecting and managing hourly consumption and power quality readings from all 660,000 residential meters.


Software as a Service requires a new way of thinking

While the SaaS solution brings several benefits compared to on-premises software, it also raises new types of questions both for the buyer and vendor. Here we are taking a look at these questions.


Step 4: Leverage and utilize data

Find out more about this topic on our blog:

Leveraging the Potential of AMI Data in Asset Management

Managing distribution assets is a key consideration for utilities, as they look to maximize the life of existing and new asset investments. With Advanced Grid Analytics, the AMI data can be harnessed to help utilities make sound strategic investment decisions.


Advanced Grid Analytics explained in three minutes

In just under 3 minutes we show you how our Advanced Grid Analytics Software is designed to help utilities optimize their asset management, secure grid operation and achieve operational excellence.


Deep dive: Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry

Artificial intelligence will transform the energy industry, but it is still unclear how energy suppliers, grid operators and technology providers can shape this transformation profitably and sustainably. In our client magazine pathway we offer multiple perspectives on this fascinating topic.


Home Energy Management and the Sense Orange Box

What is the latest energy monitoring product for the home gathering steam?


Our Hub Sessions at EUW 2019

The free-to-attend Hub Sessions explore innovations and technologies helping to transform the energy landscape showcasing projects, intelligence and insights into future solutions.

We are proud to host three of them. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Consumer and the Digital Utility on November 12th

Focus on what’s important: How AMI Managed Services support Caruna’s commitment to Consumer experience

A decade of AMI in the Nordics has risen the bar of consumer expectations. At the same time, the regulatory environment sets new demands towards DSO’s. To meet tightening requirements and exceed customers’ expectations, time, resources and relevant data are needed. Finland’s largest distribution system operator Caruna Oy focuses on its strategic core and utilizes Managed Services to maintain its AMI solution environment and daily operations. Recently a new service platform was established with Landis+Gyr to ensure operational efficiency and future developments - and to secure resources for an innovative use of data to develop new customer services.

Tommi Pyhähuhta, Head of Metering and Settlement, Caruna
Juha Souru, Head of Managed Services EMEA, Landis+Gyr

Smart Metering on November 13th

More information is coming soon

IoT for Utilities on November 14th

IoT meets grid edge analytics: Actionable insights through AMI data and beyond

In Smart Metering, machines have been communicating for years. But what is possible at the grid edge today is changing the game and creates the bigger IoT vision: Powerful modular data platforms not only describe what’s happening in the field. They deliver actionable insights on asset condition, network reliability and power quality for more efficient asset management, secure grid operation and revenue protection. Last but not least, they open the door for further business applications, such as the introduction of new grid tariffs, demand response or energy efficiency programs.

Ifigeneia Stefanidou, Innovation and Key Market Manager, Landis+Gyr

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

Join us at European Utility Week and stop by booth C80 to experience how to make the complex simple.

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