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Powerful insights from your meter data

Metering Analytics is one of three modular, user-friendly, web-based application packages designed to fully leverage Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics (AGA) platform, maximizing the value of available data from grid-edge devices such as meters and sensors.

The vast amount of data made available by smart meter deployments offers valuable information essential to core utility business functions. These range from premise-level revenue protection and delivery voltage analyses to system-wide voltage performance visibility and capacity contribution studies. The Metering Analytics offering contains five modules that turn AMI data into actionable insights so utilities gain benefits from the time the first meter is installed in the field.

Included Modules

Meter-Transformer Mapping Validation Module

Identify meters incorrectly mapped to their transformers​ and recommend resolutions

Learn more about the Meter-Transformer Mapping Validation Module

Voltage Performance Module

Identify delivery voltage exceptions to gauge system performance ​

Learn more about the Voltage Performance Module

Meter Monitoring Module

Monitor bellwether meter voltage and meter outages across​ the system to support CVR in near real-time

Learn more about the Meter Monitoring Module

Revenue Protection Module

Reduce non-technical losses by recognizing consumption patterns, event sequences, and energy diversion

Learn more about the Revenue Protection Module

Capacity Contribution Module

Identify demand contribution by customer class for tariff-making and DR programs

Learn more about the Capacity Contribution Module