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Kajave Connects to Finland’s National Data Hub with Landis+Gyr’s Cloud Solution

Kainuu's metering data will now be more directly and quickly available to the electricity market, which will significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Jyväskylä, Finland – November 7, 2022 – Finnish distribution network operator Kajave has moved away from its current MDM system and connected its Landis+Gyr AIM system directly to the national Datahub using the Landis+Gyr Datahub Connector (DHC) – a cloud-based solution powered by Google Cloud. This marks the completion of the first phase of the project, which includes the migration of data and processes related to Datahub 1.0.  Phase 2 coincides with the release of Datahub version 2.0 by Fingrid, the Finnish transmission system operator. In addition to providing a faster and more direct connection to Datahub, DHC has also streamlined the process, resulting in significant savings.

With the launch of Finland's national Datahub in February 2022, data on 3.7 million electricity points of use, previously stored in separate systems between 100 electricity suppliers and 80 distribution network operators, will now be centrally and immediately available to authorized parties. This radically simplifies and speeds up day-to-day operations, such as switching suppliers, which takes place more than 400,000 times a year in Finland. The migration of processes such as balancing to Datahub means that network operators can transfer information directly to the electricity market, without having to notify each trader individually. The exchange of information between operators has already fallen to a thousandth of last year.

For Kajave Oy, which serves around 60,000 customers in Kainuu and part of North Ostrobothnia, this was a key factor in the decision to remove the redundant MDM system. "We no longer have to process the balancing statements of the 56 electricity sales companies operating in Kajave's distribution network area ourselves," says Jari Rusanen, Service Manager at Kajave. "This means that we no longer need an additional MDM system to perform these settlements, but can now use the meter data management features of Landis+Gyr's AIM system and connect directly to Datahub using Landis+Gyr DHC."

"With the Landis+Gyr system, we aim to bring the benefits of Datahub to us and our customers," says Timo Jutila, CEO of Kajave Oy. According to Jutila, the change will reduce the number of interfaces between the systems, thereby increasing data availability and improving data accuracy. "Ultimately, smart meters and the systems that support them will enable customers to improve their own energy efficiency and thus contribute to the transition to a greener energy system."

The validation of metering data, the calculations required by the distribution network and the long-term storage of metering data are now carried out in the Landis+Gyr AIM system. By changing the system and service solution, Kajave will be able to focus on the system functions required by the distribution network operator. At the same time, Kajave will be able to simplify its information system architecture and achieve cost savings.

"We have got things off to a good start," adds Rusanen, who is also responsible for the measurements. "Energy quantities per vendor and waste per distribution network can now be determined using the Landis+Gyr AIM Datahub Connector, which is connected to the national Datahub. By transferring energy consumption data directly to Datahub, DHC eliminates the need to track readings in two separate systems and streamlines daily operations. In addition, customers with multiple consumption points on different networks can now better monitor consumption in one system, regardless of the distribution network operator or supplier."


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