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Capacity Planning Module

Test various loading and control scenarios to address capacity bottlenecks, mitigate equipment failure, and support DER integration Read more

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Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Integration

  • Simulate scenarios for distributed, mid-point, end-of-line, and manual PV placement
  • Optimize energy storage placement and size to support PV integration or reduce peak loading
  • Calculate risk of voltage fluctuation and reverse power flow to determine hosting capacity

Transformer Loss of Life

  • Determine transformer degradation using historical loading and physical characteristics
  • Calculate peak demand contributions for all meters belonging to a transformer
  • Gauge impact of moving meters to neighboring transformers or right-sizing transformer
  • Calculate cost-benefit analysis of replacing transformer
  • Visualize transformer loading profile, heatmap, and duration curve

Power Flow Simulation

  • Model system state, meter load, and switch status as operated or as planned at any point in time
  • Allocate load and power factor for individual customers or across circuit
  • Re-conductor circuits by line code to determine impact on overloading and technical loss
  • Optimize regulator and capacitor control settings to flatten voltage profile across circuit
  • Compare analysis results to holistically assess technical impact of various approaches
  • Visualize asset and meter load profile, heatmap, and duration curve

Outage Prediction

  • Identify areas at risk of outage based on distribution of meter reporting momentary outages
  • Rank potential outage by level of impact to prioritize vegetation management efforts
  • Global