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Gas Measurement


Shale gas gathering points, coal seam, fl are, wellhead and other harsh environment applications CheckSonicvx is a robust, durable, easy to operate and maintain platform for shale and unconventional gas, transmission gas and processed gas applications. CheckSonicvx is a multipath… Read more

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  • 6-path, direct and refl ective technology (3 path optional)
  • Sizes 3” to 56” (DN 80 to DN 1400)
  • Operational pressure range 1 bar (a)* to 430 bar (a)
  • Pressure ratings: ANSI class 150 to 2500 PN on request
  • All titanium-encapsulated intrinsically safe transducers
  • Robust path design for wet and dirty gas applications
  • Turbulence and asymmetry detection
  • Diagnostic detection of liquid and dirt build up
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure drop
  • Symmetrical, bidirectional measurement (6 path)
  • SonicExplorer® PC Software for configuration, diagnostics and health care
  • AGA 9 compliant
  • Asia-Pacific

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