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Meter Data Management System


A finely tuned database repository stores all customer and meter metadata. In addition, the usage and diagnostic data provides the foundation for the analytics and business processes within the Core and SmartData Applications. Read more

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Why Landis+Gyr makes a difference.

  • Advanced billing support with VEE, net & virtual metering and time-based pricing
  • Long-term repository for billing and non-billing sensor data
  • Business process automation
  • Flexibly extended with packaged analytics to support current and future use case
  • Cost-effective integration
  • Sensor event management, analysis and correlation

Core Applications:

Mission-critical functions for meter data management systems:

  • Contain analytics and business rules for efficient billing operation.
  • Apply business process logic to streamline the movement of data throughout all processing steps and adjacent systems

SmartData Applications:

Extend the Core Data Application for many advanced use cases including:

  • Outage process optimization
  • Theft detection
  • Customer engagement and others

SmartData Exchange:

Standards-based integration suite with two missions:

  • Manage passing common information model (CIM) messages to and all MDMS applications
  • Store translation adapters to pass messages to and from adjacent solutions
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific