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Advanced Metering Software

Landis+Gyr Dual Fuel Solutions

The UK energy Industry is currently experiencing many issues including misdirected payments, inaccurate billing, meter tampers, incorrect or less flexible tariffs, difficulty in reconciling final bills and performing change of tenancy. To alleviate the industry of some of these issues and to enable the industry and consumer to Read more

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The Landis+Gyr 5236 Smart Prepayment meter uses the SMS messaging functionality to send and receive configurations and read data to the back office system. The 5236 electricity meter is fitted with an SMS SIM card to communicate with the back office software, and is also fitted with a Low Power Radio module which acts as the communication gateway between the Libra 310 gas meter and the ecoMeter Home Energy Monitor sending and receiving data accordingly.

ecoMeter Home Energy Monitor designed to inform and educate the home energy monitor empowers the consumer to be aware and in control of their energy usage. The user can use the monitor to view current and historic cost.

Libra 310 Gas Payment Module the Libra 310 Communication module provides Smart Metering functionality to the Landis+Gyr E6V Electronic domestic gas meter.Used in conjunction with the Landis+Gyr dual fuel solution the module provides the consumer with consumption information on c

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