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Landis+Gyr E320

The E320 FNN base meter meets all the requirements set by the Digitization Act and the FNN. It fits both 3-phase 4-wire and 1-phase 2-wire applications. Read more

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The E320 is an SLP (Standard Load Profile) meter that also delivers GRID values according FNN at the LMN interface. Optionally, it may be parameterised to deliver RLM values at the LMN and in the display (4-quadrant-meter).

The E320 meter measures active energy (A+ and/or A-) and shows the recorded values on display. If enabled, instantaneous power is displayed on the second line.

The following historical values can be accessed through the main menu by entering the PIN code:

  • daily consumption – last 730 days
  • weekly consumption – last 104 weeks
  • monthly consumption – last 24 months (30 days)
  • annual consumption – last 2 years (365 days)

RLM/GRID functions: GRID values are available in each meter.

Optionally, the E320 can be configured as a 4-quadrant meter to deliver RLM (Registered Power Measurement) values.

Configuration: The E320 can be ordered in five different measurement mode configurations:

  • +A with return stop
  • -A with return stop
  • +A/-A
  • -A balanced
  • 4-quadrant
  • Active Energy
  • Reactive Energy if parameterized
  • According FNN requirements 1.4.1
  • RLM-values by default
  • GRID-values by default
  • E320 60A
  • E320 100A
  • E320 CT
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa