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Dynamic Load Management

Landis+Gyr R800 Ripple Control Transmitter

R800 is Landis+Gyr’s new generation of ripple control transmitters combining the latest engineering innovations with modern communication, an intuitive operation concept and robust, proven hardware components. Read more

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  • Suitable for loose/rigid parallel coupling, serial coupling and neutral conductor coupling
  • Up to 40 low-voltage and 3 medium-voltage couplings
  • Parameterization and diagnosis via parameterization software or optional display
  • Possibility to switch between 3 separate parameter settings saved in the transmitter
  • Alarm and event log with associated data
  • 3 selectable operation modes: voltage control with or without current limitation, current control with voltage limitation
  • Proven monitoring and safety features
  • Local control panels on the cabinet door and on the inverter (emergency control)
  • Remote control via LAN or GPRS-Modem (options)
  • Various emergency control options
  • Individual interfaces for existing customer installations (option)
  • Individual redundancy concepts (options)

1-phase, low voltage injection

  • R801, 24 kVA, 35 A

3-phase, medium voltage injection

  • R802, 48 kVA, 69 A
  • R803, 90 kVA, 131 A
  • R804, 109 kVA, 158 A
  • R805, 145 kVA, 210 A
  • R806, 176 kVA, 255 A
  • R807, 210 kVA, 300 A
  • R808, 311 kVA, 450 A
  • R809, 477 kVA, 690 A
  • Larger sizes on request
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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