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Dynamic Load Management

Landis+Gyr FTU2 Ripple Control Receivers

Landis+Gyr FTU2 multi-purpose ripple control receiver offers maximum flexibility for utilities to manage tariffs, control public lighting, decentralized loads and generation for grid and energy management. Read more

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  • Intelligent annual time switch with remote programming
  • Time switch operation with holiday calendar and summer/winter time setting
  • Date and time-specific autonomous switching operations
  • Frequency-dependent load shedding
  • Possibility to changeover to another reception frequency
  • Astronomical calendar for street lighting control
  • Learning function: Memorizing switching operations and automatic repetition
    (e.g. in case of transmitter outage)
  • Interpreter programs for free allocation of addresses and commands to relays
  • Up to 16 parallel program executions, including 4 with timing functions (delay, wiper, loop, etc.)
  • Flexible programming with conditions, priorities and up to 16 flags
  • Relay status confirmation for fraud prevention
  • Automatic correction of pulse distortion
  • Signal level storage of last message
  • Programmable response to power outages and restoration of power
  • Transmitter outage detection (failsafe)
  • Test function with test button
  • Event log with up to 2’500 entries
  • Backup clock supercapacitor-buffered real-time clock with 36 hours reserve power
  • FTU233 with up to 3 plug-in 25 A changeover switches and compact housing
  • FTU263 with up to 6 plug-in relays – either 25 A changeover switches or 40 A relays
  • Optional: plug-type battery module for 1-year reserve power without supply voltage
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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