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The gas pressure regulator MR HP20 is spring loaded and fully inlet pressure balanced. The device has a standard integrated safety shut-off valve (SSV). It is a member of the MR regulator family, which is known for excellent regulation and lock-up behaviour and easy maintenance. Read more

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  • Spring loaded
  • Fully inlet pressure balanced
  • Modular design
  • User-friendly spring adjustment
  • High fl ow rate
  • Integral strength according to EN 334
  • Integrated safety shut-off valve for over and under pressure
  • SSV functional class A according to EN 14382
  • Minimum differential pressure 100 mbar
  • Easy maintenance through
    – exchangeable regulator head
    – easy SSV diaphragm maintenance
  • Sizes DN 25, 50, DN 80, DN 100
  • Flanged connections to EN 1092-2, PN16/PN20 or ANSI 150
  • Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Asia-Pacific