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Gas Measurement


Media: Natural gas, town gas, inert gases Industry: Gas supply, stove manufacturers, chemical industry. Tasks: Measurement, control and automatic regulation. RVG: Flange connection G16 – G400 RVG-ST: Standard thread connection G10 – G25 Elster-Instromet RVG and RVG-ST rotary gas meters are volumemeasuring devices for gaseous media and operate according to the positive displacement principle. They… Read more

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  • Meter sizes: G10 – G400
  • For flow rates 0.6 m³/h to 650 m³/h
  • Nominal widths DN 25 – DN 150
  • Pressure ratings PN 10/16 and ANSI 150
  • Cast iron housing (GGG 40) or aluminium housing
  • High-temperature resistance up to 4 bar for GGG 40
  • Optional: double direction index S1D for universal installation and flow direction
  • Asia-Pacific