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Heating & Cooling Meter Software

UltraAssist Software

UltraAssist is a parameterization service and read out software for the heat & cooling and flow meters: 2WR5, T150, T230, T330, T350, T450 and T550. Click Read more to download the software. Read more

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UltraAssist Software

Login permission is required to use the UltraAssist Software. This permission can be provided to you by your direct local contact or by contacting our sales support.

Download: UltraAssist (*.exe)


Download: UltraAssist profi (*.exe)


Version 2.07.01

  • Parameterization service and read out software
  • For heat & cooling and flow meters
  • Compatible with the following meters: 2WR5, T150, T230, T330, T350, T450 and T550.
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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