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Volume Correctors EK280

Electronic volume conversion device with optional integrated GSM/GPRS modem and configurable data interface Volume conversion for billing purposes Data recording for various applications Station monitoring The EK280 is a compact, battery-powered volume conversion device, which can be connected to diaphragm,… Read more

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  • MID approval
  • Compressibility calculated by various methods
  • Integrated data logging function
  • Certifi cation data logbook (PTB-A 50.7)
  • Archives with flexible configuration
  • Suitable for use in Zone 1 potentially explosive atmospheres
  • 6 digital inputs (LF, HF, encoder)
  • 4 freely programmable, sealable digital outputs
  • Various communications protocols
  • Optical interface for parameterization and readout
  • Configurable serial interface RS232/RS422/RS485
  • Software update based on Welmec 7.2
  • Asia-Pacific

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