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Effective and Proven Protection for Critical Infrastructures

As cyber attacks increase across the grid, utilities are facing unique challenges as they seek to provide stability of critical infrastructure while keeping ahead of a constantly changing threat landscape. Utilities must also comply with an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Landis+Gyr, through our subsidiary Rhebo, offers a robust cybersecurity solution that draws on years of experience, cutting edge technology, and learnings from a broad customer base. This enables us to provide unparalleled stability and agility for our customers in the areas of both threat mitigation and regulatory compliance.

End-to-end security is embedded across Landis+Gyr’s portfolio. Our products and solutions are built for strong protection via industry standard encryption, validation techniques, regular security reviews and updates, and secure cloud environments. Additionally, Landis+Gyr can add network security monitoring to deliver additional visibility and control across the entire network, from central OT through head end systems, substations, network infrastructure, and grid edge devices.

Protecting critical infrastructure is a continuous and constantly evolving battle. Landis+Gyr and its subsidiary Rhebo, with its solutions and offerings, is your trusted partner in the cyber security fight.  Utilities stand in the gap for their customers. We stand in the gap for you. 


OT Security

Landis+Gyr provides utilities with a powerful network-based intrusion detection system specifically designed for utility operations technology. Our proven OT monitoring with anomaly gives operators and security managers:

• Full OT visibility on all OT assets and communication
• Immediate detection of known vulnerabilities
• Real-time notification of suspicious activities and technical anomalies

Distribution Management Systems

Head-End Security

Landis+Gyr’s ensures that smart metering managing head-end systems operate safe, secure and always available. The Head-End Security offering facilitates continuous security monitoring with state-of-the-art anomaly detection to:

• Detect attacks, security breaches and tampering attempts in head-end systems in real-time
• Ensure security breaches get mitigated right away
• Any cyber incident is fully documented to comply with reporting requirements

Open Secure

IoT Grid Edge Security

The Landis+Gyr company Rhebo has developed an edge-based security solution that provides security monitoring with anomaly detection and security automation directly on edge devices. This OS-agnostic solution can be integrated by vendors of grid edge devices with little effort. This enables operators to:

• Expand their industrial cyber visibility to the edge
• Detect and stop attacks at the edge
• Protect the IoT fleet as well as central control systems from grid edge cyber attacks

The Landis+Gyr Cybersecurity Blog

Electrical markets, and the distribution space in particular, are seeing an increase in new cybersecurity requirements and legislation worldwide. Building on top of our core security solutions as well as more than 125 years of experience in the energy sector, Landis+Gyr offers multiple options for customers to develop, enhance, and validate their cyber security strategy and compliance for the grid.

Learn More

EBOOK: NERC CIP Compliance in Electrical Substations

Learn about the vital role that network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) play in enhancing NERC CIP compliance within electrical substations. This eBook discusses the functions by which our NIDS enables an efficient defense in-depth cybersecurity strategy in OT networks.


WHITEPAPER: Ensuring Cybersecurity in Substations

Dive into the risk posed by lack of visibility in substation control systems (SCS). With reference to the established MITRE ATT&CK® for ICS framework, this whitepaper showcases examples that demonstrate the sequence of professional, targeted attacks. You will also learn more about a strategy for establishing end-to-end operational visibility and real-time threat detection to improve the resilience and ensure the reliability, safety, and revenue of substation operations.



Enhance your understanding of dedicated ICS monitoring with anomaly & intrusion detection of our OT Security solution ensures both OT visibility and the continuous screening of OT communication for security events.