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AMI is an essential, integrated part of utility operations. Besides the one-off investment of deploying a smart metering solution, it requires professional operative power, care and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. A key decision for a utility is whether to operate the solution fully on its own, to buy some of it from an external partner or to completely outsource the AMI operations.

The major question is: which responsibilities the utility wants to carry on its own and where the responsibility can be given to an external partner. Whatever the utility’s preference is, Landis+Gyr can offer an optimal portfolio of services ranging from Operational Support Services to fully managed IoT operating service.


Towards a Sustainable Energy Future with Managed Services

The energy business transformation provides great opportunities for energy utilities to work towards a more sustainable future. While digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization revolutionize the way we interact with energy, they also increase complexity in the utilities’ operating environment. With Landis+Gyr’s…


Deployment Services

Based on Landis+Gyr’s comprehensive experience in various sizes of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects, we have developed detailed processes and practices that ensure efficient, reliable smart metering rollouts that meet your budget and timelines. We have the resources, skills and…

Metering as a Service

For an increasing number of energy utilities, Metering as a Service (MaaS) has become the preferred model to operate the Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  Instead of building the technical expertise and resources to manage the advanced metering infrastructure in-house, all daily…

Software Support & Maintenance

If you prefer to run AMI in-house, meaning on-premise within your own IT Infrastructure, our Long Term Service Agreements will cover and provide you with the technical expert support to back up your day-to-day operations. Equally important, our Service Agreements…

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