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Distribution Automation Starter Kit

Amp up response and control with an affordable package tailored to your needs. Invest in a network that can grow with your needs and get big returns with DA.


Improve Reliability

Use Landis+Gyr’s S610 Line Sensor to improve fault detection, monitor bi-directional power flow, and capture line loading information. Additionally, automating reclosers can improve fault isolation and speed recovery times.


Enable DER Management

The automation of smart inverters provides effective integration of DER to benefit both the consumer and utility, while the S610 line sensor detects changes in the direction of power flow caused by DER to protect critical assets and ensure safety for utility crews.

Power Quality

Enhance Voltage Management

From adding intelligent communications at capacitor bank controllers and regulators to monitoring power quality and energy delivery with advanced sensors, DA enables optimized voltage management programs.

Asset Management

Optimize Asset Management

Use intelligent sensing to monitor capacitor bank health and improve the management and maintenance of transformer vaults.

DA offers 5x Greater Return on Investment than AMI alone

Starter Kit includes

The best package to jumpstart your network DA
+ 12 IWR radios for integration with a variety of distribution assets
+ 12 S610 Line Sensors for fault detection
+ 1 SCADA Center software license
+ 90 day set-up period with project management, services and training included*

*Custom-designed RF network infrastructure to support communications for new customers

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Are you new to Landis+Gyr's award-winning DA solution?

Distribution Automation is proven to be one of the most valuable investments a utility can make. The rise of intelligent sensing and control helps support a broad variety of use cases and offers 5X greater return on investment than AMI alone.  For a limited time, Landis+Gyr is offering everything you need – from the network to the control room – to start a basic DA program that can grow to support a variety of smart grid needs both now and in the future.

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Do you already have a Landis+Gyr award-winning network?

AMI is the foundation of a smart grid. Once that network is in place, adding intelligence and automation to your distribution system is the logical next step. For a limited time, Landis+Gyr is combining all necessary components in a single package that lets your utility experience the value of Distribution Automation for a variety of purposes or to amp up your existing AMI platform.

Learn more about the Distribution Automation Starter Kit

Get your Distribution Automation Starter Kit

Talk to your distributor or sales representative today about designing a program to meet your needs.

This offer is available through March 31, 2020.

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